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How to cope with re-entry anxiety

Re-entry anxiety is a normal and valid response to change and uncertainty.
date11 November 2021 Read more

Leah's Story

Leah's* brain had her constantly doubting who she really was ...
date14 October 2021 Read more

Sam's Story

Sam has the most well known form of OCD, but it's nothing like what most people imagine ...
date13 October 2021 Read more

Michelle's Story

A small moment of self-doubt led to years of suffering for Michelle ...
date12 October 2021 Read more

Yvonne's Story

Yvonne couldn't get rid of dark images in her mind ...
date11 October 2021 Read more

Coping with pandemic fatigue

What can we do to look after ourselves?
date 8 October 2021 Read more

Huge surge in people seeking mental health support is 'a good thing'

A jump in people signing up to Just a Thought shows we're getting better at looking after our mental health in lockdown.
date24 August 2021 Read more

The Olympics We’ve Been Trying to Ignore

The death of a great young athlete shines a light on part of ourselves we would rather ignore …
date12 August 2021 Read more

The True Story Behind Moving Mental Health Campaign

Growing up the son of a Cambodian refugee, acclaimed young director Isaiah Tour says creating the ‘We See You’ mental health campaign had a deeply personal meaning.
date26 May 2021 Read more

You Know You’re An Adult When …

On The AM Show, Anna Elders shared some key stress busters we can do every day - whether we're running a marathon or doing a sprint.
date31 March 2021 Read more

The problem with 'self-care' culture (and how we can reclaim it)

The concept of self-care has blown up in the past couple of years, and with it a whole industry that’s making money from our mental health.
date22 February 2021 Read more

Being Your Own Friend

Learning to be kind to yourself is more than a trendy slogan—it’s the most effective way to transform your mental health.
date15 February 2021 Read more

The Secret to Happiness—According to Science

Humans are known as the ‘ultra social’ species. And the world’s longest running study has found that good relationships are the number one predictor of physical and mental health.
date 8 February 2021 Read more

Thinking About Our Thinking

All change beings in the brain! But we often do it the opposite way around: we try and change our behaviour without changing our thoughts.
date 1 February 2021 Read more

Join the Feelgood February Challenge!

Starting Monday, join us for a month long challenge that will help you feel good from the inside out and be in to win this beautiful care pack.
date29 January 2021 Read more

Building Good Boundaries Around Our Lives

Good boundaries are a cornerstone of self-worth—whether it’s in relationships or within.
date26 January 2021 Read more

'I felt much more comfortable talking about my issues ... '

It meant so much for us to receive this feedback from a participant this week - and the wonderful thing is she is now helping to normalise mental health for all.
date20 January 2021 Read more

Our clinical lead nailed it on the AM Show!

Anna Elders shared her insights on boundaries and how to get the balance right
date15 January 2021 Read more

I Can Enjoy Life Again

Frances was only months away from retirement when her life savings were stolen, turning her life upside down ...
date18 December 2020 Read more

’Tis the season for …

10 Tips for Managing Expectations at Christmas
date 1 December 2020 Read more

20,000 Kiwis Join Just a Thought

In just over a year since we started, over 20,000 Kiwis have joined the Just a Thought community for free online therapy.
date30 November 2020 Read more

GP Practice Providing Free Therapy for Patients

A nurse who pioneered Just a Thought at her GP practice says it has transformed the lives of patients who would not otherwise have access to therapy.
date23 November 2020 Read more