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Our courses

Generalised anxiety course

Are you feeling nervous, worried or tense?

If you have negative thoughts or concerns that return often and interfere with your daily life, this course will teach you the practical skills you need to feel better. You’ll learn how to recognise and change unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours that trigger anxiety.

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Depression course

Are you often feeling low or sad?

Symptoms of depression can develop at any age when life becomes difficult. This course will teach you the knowledge and skills to help you feel happier in the short-term and protect your mental wellbeing in the future.

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More courses to come...

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How it works


Take a recovery journey through illustrated slides and learn practical coping skills.

Action plans

Practise after each lesson with the support of action plans and coping strategies.

Extra Resources

Help to improve your sleep, boost your motivation, communicate better, and more.


Receive emails to help motivate you along the way.

Progress tracking

Track your wellbeing between lessons.

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Need support?

If you’d like to be supervised through a course, make an appointment with a health professional that is able to support you (doctor, psychologist, nurse or other health worker). If they are registered with our system they can login and support you through a course.