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Check your distress score to find out your stress, anxiety or low mood level. Answer just a few simple questions* to discover if your feelings are in a healthy range, or if you would benefit from a free online therapy course.

Within seconds you’ll know your stress and mood level, and you’ll get guidance on what you can do to improve your mental health.

This questionnaire, known as the 'K10', will evaluate your current level of psychological stress and wellbeing.

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What is Just a Thought?

Developed by clinicians and researchers, Just a Thought offers free Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) courses online. CBT teaches people how to improve their mental health through learning how to interact differently with thoughts and identify behaviours that enhance wellbeing. Head to our home page to find out more.

*The tool is free, fully automated and completely anonymous. To protect your privacy, your responses are not recorded or monitored.

It's not a substitute for professional medical advice. It's not a clinically diagnostic tool. A qualified healthcare professional can provide the diagnosis of a clinical condition.

Just a Thought courses may not be suitable for anyone who:

  • is experiencing severe distress and suicidal thoughts - in these cases specialised support is required and it may be better to wait until distress and risk reduces
  • is experiencing overly sedating side effects of medication which may effect your ability to concentrate on the material. It may be helpful to discuss this with your clinician.

If you are unsure if Just a Thought is right for you, talk to your clinician.